08/05/2018 Devlog

The game is currently receiving an big graphical overhaul, most of the sprites have been remade in higher resolution, some units have been redesigned too.

There are some improvements on animations too.

We now have a better map chooser with appropriate thumbnails for each map.

New game mechanics: the construction system have been changed to use worker units instead of simply building everything directly from the construction yard.
Bulldozers can move freely around the map and build refineries far from the main base. You can even use then to set a production facility near the opponent's base.
One major consideration: buildings now take at least 2 turns to complete. Damaging the bulldozer also makes it work slower.

Another new feature (not completed yet) is the transport units: APC, Lander, Transport Copter and Transport Plane. Carry your troops to the enemy territory faster and maybe attack from unexpected locations.

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This game is pretty fun, always reminded me af Advance Wars, and now with transport units and even a construction units its starting to look more like AW and evena bit of GB wars aswell. I cant wait for the next update! PS Call me oblivioous but how do you make custom maps?

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The game have it's own map editor as an separate executable (wasn't included in last public build)