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Eternal Warfare is a turn-based strategy and war game where players harvest resources, build an army, and then fight other players. Starting with a single building, construct production facilities, advance your tech level to unlock more units, and then rule both land, sea and air. Besides being turn based, playing online allows everyone to move at the same time creating a different experience where not just strategy matters but also your speed and initiative.


  • Immerse into a warfare world where outsmarting your opponent is the key to the victory.
  • Dig for resources and expand your base.
  • Rule land, sea and air with more than 20 specially designed units.
  • Single player campaign mode, with special challenge and secret missions.
  • Play local or online, up to 8 players per battle.
  • Simultaneous turns / asynchronous multiplayer option for online play.
  • Choose your prefered game mode: free for all or team-up with other players.
  • Lots of different battlefields to play.
  • Built-in map editor.
  • Modding support.

Play the training missions first to learn the basic concepts of the game.

Playing online: To host a server, first make sure you have forwarded port 1254 on your router (you can specify a different port on server creation window if you like), this is necessary to allow people to join your game. Then give all others players your internet ip and the choosen port. If you want to make your server open to public tick the "Broadcast to Master" checkbox, then anyone should be able to find your server through the server browser. After all players have joined and ticked "ready" simply press start. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Join the discord server to meet other players and play the latest beta build:


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