Version 0.1.4 Changelog

* GUI visual changes and scaling on fullscreen
* movement area fix
* added variation to some tiles
* fixed a bug related to map download
* improved minimap animation and rendering
* fixed the movement area marks, they now should correctly show the possible movement spots
* optimized map rendering (texture atlas)
* added line of fire checks
* in targeting mode, when you hover the cursor over a unit you can't attack the game tells the reason
* better water waves
* added factions! each of then has different strenghts
* units now heal thenselves after spending a turn idle
* cloud shadows
* better contrast on minimap
* new weapon: tesla coil
* added HQ mode gameplay flag: capturing enemy HQ imediatly captures all his/her buildings
* minor bugfixes


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Mar 30, 2018

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hey are you still working on this game? i want to know because this game is the closest i can get to advance wars (that i can afford) and i am enjoying this game greatly.

Yes, this game is still being developed, at a bit slower rate than before, but not giving up at all.

That's nice to have your feedback.