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Save/load fix
This patch fixes some bugs related to saved games loading/saving. Simply extract the new executable overwriting the previous one...
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Bug fix patch
Today's patch fix the following bugs found recently: - Saved games using random maps fail to load - Load game button on create server window would show offline...
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Master server is back online.
The master server is online again at a new address. Please edit your master.cfg and replace the old address with If y...
Some bug fixing
Just uploaded a new version fixing some minor bugs found recently . Note: It appears onboard video cards are unable to run shaders (used by a few water animatio...
New public beta version!
After a long time I'm releasing a new version for public access. Some major highlights include: Single player campaign mode A.I. vastly improved New units and b...
The development is ACTIVE
Hello people from I haven't updated this page for a long while, but the game is alive and growing.. All news are posted on the discord server https://d...
Public beta version
Just released a beta build containing several new stuff and improvements. Some points to mention are: * fixed unit pathfinding * random map generator * new anim...
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Discord Server
We now have a discord server! Come find other players for online play, discuss the game and more.