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Public beta version
Just released a beta build containing several new stuff and improvements. Some points to mention are: * fixed unit pathfinding * random map generator * new anim...
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Discord Server
We now have a discord server! Come find other players for online play, discuss the game and more.
Master server moved
The masterserver had to be moved to a new host. Unfortunately the previous build (0.1.6) is not able to correctly comunicate with the new host. The bug is alrea...
Update 0.1.6
This small update fixes some bugs and gameplay balance problems found in recent play tests. Changelog: Balance : * rocket launcher damage changed to high explos...
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Update 0.1.5
After a long period the new build is finally done, introducing some gameplay changes, better graphics and some general improvements. Base building was previous...
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08/05/2018 Devlog
The game is currently receiving an big graphical overhaul, most of the sprites have been remade in higher resolution, some units have been redesigned too. There...
Version 0.1.4 Changelog
* GUI visual changes and scaling on fullscreen * movement area fix * added variation to some tiles * fixed a bug related to map download * improved minimap anim...
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Update 0.1.3
* AI improved significantly, now search for nearby resources to build refineries, pursues enemies, use nuke * added new attack animations for different kinds of...