A downloadable game for Windows

This game is an arena deathmatch game where each player control a spaceship to fight and destroy others to score frags. The first to hit the fraglimit wins.

Players may use a variety of weapons, each with different mechanics and different energy/ammo costs. They can also collect items in the arena to boost themselves.

Author's note:

I started this as an experiment project to learn how to code an online multiplayer game. As people enjoyed it, I gradually added more content until it became what it is now.


NetShips-1.0.5a.zip 6 MB

Development log


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Really great work, it seems like there's lot of attention to detail, so everything seems to work well and it really looks like people could start playing this now and have some great fun. The controls, or rather the physics are surprisingly easy, you pick up speed much faster than usually in space flight games, so you can focus more on other things.

I'd be glad to see this game in our contest, the Game Development World Championship!